Innovately Services

Innovately offers the following lean commercialisation services:

Lean Business Exploration Seminar

This free seminar provides an introduction to (and overview of) Lean Business Exploration, especially focussing on why and how it is different from traditional commercialisation strategies.

Please contact us for this free hour-long no-obligation seminar and discussion.

Lean Business Exploration Courses

These courses, which can be run in intensive or extended mode, dives into the details of Lean Business Exploration as found in the Lean Startup and Customer Development approaches.

The courses includes presentations, discussion, and practical sessions.

Lean Business Exploration Accelerators

The Lean Commercialisation Accelerator programme is a full-time programme (for participants) over at least 12 weeks to actually undertake lean commercialisation of an innovation.

The Open Lean Accelerator is an open – anyone can join – and ongoing  – no start or finish dates – accelerator, with a unique approach to funding, that represents a new approach to accelerators.

These are suited to individuals and teams from organisations of all sizes and maturity, including startups.  They can be branded for your organisation and delivered by Innovately.

Lean Business Exploration Practice

The Lean Business Exploration Practice is a regular fortnightly group session assisting individuals and organisations to put Lean Business Exploration approach into practice.

The Lean Business Exploration Practice is an effective way of continuing your lean commercialisation strategy after completing the Lean Business Accelerator programme.

Please contact us for more information about any of these services.