Lean Commercialisation Practice

The theory of Lean Commercialisation is not complex (although it is counter-intuitive for those trained in traditional commercialisation processes).

However, putting the theory into practice can be difficult for even the most committed individuals or organisation.  Like anything difficult, it benefits to have a coach to guide and support you.

The Lean Commercialisation Practice is a paid fortnightly coaching session for those actively involved in leading the process of Lean Commercialisation within a project, venture, or startup.

This forum is focussed on actually planning, directing and evaluating, the search for a repeatable, scalable and viable business model to commercialise an innovation.

It will ensure that participants:

  • Form verifiable hypotheses for each part of the business model (that can be validated or not!),
  • Build the minimum necessary to test each business model hypothesis (saving time and resources),
  • Measure the right things to validate (or not) the hypotheses, and
  • Iterate this process as fast as possible.

This is not a forum to learn about Lean Startup and Customer Development or just to observe others doing it.  It is for people leading real Lean Commercialisation.

This group is lead by an instructor who is expert in Lean Commercialisation but it is also similar to a mastermind group, where participants will support and give feedback to each other.

Please email or contact us if you would like further details.