Lean Business Accelerator

The Lean Business Accelerator is a three (3) month (or longer) accelerator programme for commercialising disruptive innovation based on Lean Startup (Eric Ries) and Customer Development (Steve Blank) principles and practices.

It is an alternative to the instruction-focussed and mentor-driven accelerators.  It is based upon the Lean LaunchPad accelerator by Steve Blank.  It focusses on the search for a repeatable, scalable and viable business model rather than launching a business.

The Lean Business Accelerator suits data-driven and evidence-based organisations and will be run by Innovately for these organisations.  Participation is a full-time process for the entire program for all innovators.  The programme utilises:

  • Weekly Sessions
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Build-Measure-Learn Cycle
  • Cohort Leaderboard
  • Commercialisation Readiness Indicator
  • Learning Resources and Activities
  • Lean Pitching

This accelerator involves actually doing the practices and principles presented and discussed in the Lean Business Exploration Course for a real innovation.  It is not meant to be an abstract learning programme.  Participants should have a strong vision for an innovative product / service / method process.

The emphasis is on validating the business model around the innovation by “getting out of the building.”  It is not about getting business cards, launching a business, learning about PR, or even product development (although, the product is of course important).

The Lean Business Accelerator is highly recommended for the actual commercialisation of innovation in organisations from any sector, of any size, and of any level of maturity  (including startups). This will prove or disprove the commercial vision for the innovation.

The Lean LaunchPad accelerator by Steve Blank, on which this accelerator has been based, has been adopted by the USA National Science Foundation as the standard method for commercialising research innovation, as well as the National Institute of Health (iCorps).

Open Lean Accelerator (New)

We have developed an exciting open and lean accelerator that represents another example of innovation in innovation itself.  The accelerator distinguishes itself from other (more traditional) startup and corporate venture accelerators by the following characteristics:

  • It is open to all who wish to participate, rather than requiring selection of a cohort based on a pitch and minimal data,
  •  It does not have a start or finish date for participants, they can start when needed and finish when appropriate, no fixed duration,
  • It focuses on the search for an validation of a repeatable, scalable and viable business model, not just starting a business,
  • It focuses on encouraging and supporting participants to run quick and low-cost experiments to test risky business model hypotheses,
  • Funding (if available) will be based on validated learning need for later stage experiments, rather than lump sum investments, and
  • Progress will be measured according to validated learning against the “Investment Readiness Levels” (Steve Blank).

We believe this accelerator solves many of the problems with traditional accelerators, e.g. having to pick a cohort, upfront funding, only running at certain times during the year, a fixed duration, and a linear (one-size fits all) program, which have traditionally had very low success rates.

Please email or contact us if you would like further details about either of these accelerators.