Lean Business Exploration is the application of Lean Startup and Customer Development principles and practices to the commercialisation of disruptive innovation in organisations of all sizes, in all sectors and at all levels of maturity (including but not limited to startups).

Lean Business Exploration is a radically different approach to commercialisation than what has been traditionally used, e.g. building and testing a prototype then development of a full product or service and hoping that customers will come along and purchase.

Lean Business Exploration does not primarily focus on:

  • Product Development
  • Sales and Revenue
  • Marketing
  • PR …

Instead Lean Business Exploration focuses on validating (or not) business model hypotheses.  Validated learning is the primary focus of Lean Business Exploration, whilst the organisation is searching for a viable, repeatable, and scalable business model.

Lean Business Exploration is an evidence-based approach to the commercialisation of disruptive innovation. It aims to reduce the risk and likelihood of failure in projects involving the commercialisation of innovation, whether they be in established organisations or startups.