Lean Business Exploration Seminar

This is a free public seminar introducing the concepts of Lean Business Exploration, which are based on Lean Startup and Customer Development. It targets executives, innovation and R&D managers, and their staff, as well as startup founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Bringing disruptive innovation to commercial success in startups or more mature organisations is extremely difficult and frequently fails. This is generally not because the innovation couldn’t be built into a product, service, or new business but more often because nobody cared enough to buy the product or service, or the business wasn’t viable.

The Lean Startup approach with Customer Development is based on the experience and work of Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Alexander Osterwalder and others. It has radically changed the process of commercialisation of disruptive innovation in startups and organisations of all sizes, sectors and maturity levels.

This presentation will investigate some of the key principles behind Lean Startup (Eric Ries) and Customer Development (Steve Blank). It will explain and demonstrate how different Lean Startup with Customer Development is to the traditional way we have built startups and commercialised disruptive innovation within organisations.

Please email or contact us if you would like to arrange for us to give an open seminar to your group or organisation, e.g. a meetup or association, for free and with no obligation.

We guarantee it will be challenging and illuminating, and make attendees look at disruptive innovation and commercialisation in a whole new way.

“A fantastic presentation today, really useful, accurate and thought provoking.”

“It’s quite a radical way of thinking but absolutely rational, relevant & sensible … I am on board!” Tori Bowman, Snaptch.

“Your presentation was excellent. It was thoughtful, passionate, and having a good tempo.” Vladimir Vassiliev

“I found your presentation more than interesting.” Dean Barnett, Illuminance Solutions.

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Please allow at least 45 minutes for the presentation and then a good 15 or 30 minutes for questions and discussions (e.g. total 1 to 1.5 hours).  We have found this seminar raises a lot of interest and questions from participants and having the time to answer those will provide most value for all involved.  Alternatively, a longer 2-3 hour workshop can be arranged.