The Lean Explorers Club

The Lean Explorers Club is the first startup accelerator (probably in the world) to fully embrace authentic Lean Startup with Customer Development principles and practices. It’s not like your usual startup sprint or current startup accelerators and represents innovation in innovation itself.

It embraces an exploration metaphor and evidence-based entrepreneurship, with explorers going on expeditions to search for: 1) problem-solution-market fit, 2) a desirable, feasible, and viable business model, 3) product-market fit, and 4) a sales funnel and sales process that work.

It is online and fully open – anyone can join for a small monthly fee, ongoing – startups can join and leave when they want, suitable for all startups – it’s not one-size fits all, and does not have a linear program – startups can pivot their business model or return to a previous stage as needed.

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The Lean Explorers Club strongly encourages explorers to run the cheapest and quickest experiments to test risky business model hypotheses. It strongly discourages proceeding to the next stage without objective evidence validating the current stage hypotheses.

Investors, who also pay a monthly fee, can watch the progress of the startups as they search for and validate (or pivot) their business models. The LEC enables them to fund later-stage more-expensive experiments (e.g. those requiring a working MVP).

The program is to start in Australia (with a focus on Perth and regional WA) in FY2024, and aims to achieve at least 100 startups and 25 investors in the first year, and then to scale globally. There will also be a marketplace of Certified-Lean Guides, Sherpas, and Service Providers to assist the startups.

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